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Red River Zoo

Red River Zoo
4255 23rd Avenue South


To foster awareness and appreciation of wildlife; to advance public education on the need for wildlife conservation and preservation; to exchange information and services with individuals and organizations interested in wildlife topics and issues.


The Red River Zoological Society will continue to develop and promote a unique, regional zoo culture dedicated to conservation and education. The objectives of the Society include: providing meaningful family recreation; providing stakeholders with an understanding of how nature works; providing an environment conducive to appreciation of animal diversity and actively encouraging and developing an atmosphere which supports community involvement and participation. Future development will focus on creating a year-round recreational adventure facility that will serve as a regional destination for family entertainment.

These objectives will be accomplished by the Society by:

- making animal health and welfare our top priority.
- developing and maintaining a world-class innovative facility.
- maintaining a live animal collection displayed in natural habitat exhibits.
- participating in cooperative international conservation programs.
- developing and implementing business programs to take our message to the community.
- being a fiscally responsible entity and a good corporate citizen.

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