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Frost Fire Ski and Snowboard Area

Frost Fire Ski and Snowboard Area
7 miles west of Walhalla on County Road #55

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"Enjoy North Dakota Winters... Ski on Them!"

1800's... Development of Walhalla continued with the arrival of the railroad. Today the city still functions as a trade center and is one of the most viable communities in Northeastern North Dakota. People travel to the area from far and wide enjoying the natural pristine beauty of this picturesque community nestled along the Pembina River, just along the colorful panoramic Pembina River Gorge.

Long before the first ski trail was carved in the Pembina River Gorge, teepees covered the foothills. LaVerendrye, an early French explorer, traveled in the area a full century before other North Dakota areas were settled and explored.

Pembina River Gorge has seen a number of changes since the first days of skiing in the 1950's. Frost Fire offers skiers a choice of a double chair or a triple chair, snow boarders terrain park and beginners slopes to challenging slopes for skiers and snowboarders.

Walhalla is the next generation of ski towns. Walhalla has always had a lot of snow. After a ski day at Frost Fire, unwind and kick up your heels in the easy going atmosphere of the second oldest town in the state. Poke around in the antique shops or visit the historical sites. Enjoy a hearty meal, pull up a stool and chat with friendly folks.

Easy to get here... hard to leave. Geologist classify our area as being originally a part of the ocean changed by massive interval upheavals and covered with ice a mile thick. It then was flooded by a lake which covered the present city of Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada with as much as 400 feet of water. Gradually the lake drained to the North leaving rich fertile valleys and rolling hills with a heritage of wealth and beauty. A mammoth lake in Western North Dakota flowed into the area with such force and violence that deep gorges were formed. The beautiful Pembina River Gorge forms the impressive backdrop for Frost Fire, by far one of the most beautiful areas in North Dakota.

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