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Sullys Hill National Game Preserve

Sullys Hill National Game Preserve
2107 Park Drive

Sullys Hill is located on the south shore of Devils Lake in Benson County. The preserve consists of 1,674 acres ranging from prairie to forested hills and is home to a wide assortment of wildlife including migratory birds, bison, elk, and prairie dogs.

President Theodore Roosevelt designated Sullys Hill originally as a National Park in 1904. In 1917 and 1918, elk, bison and white-tailed deer were reintroduced to Sullys Hill. These large herbivores had been eliminated from the area during settlement due to over-hunting. On March 3, 1931, Congress transferred Sullys Hill to the National Wildlife Refuge System where it would be maintained as a "big game preserve, refuge and breeding grounds for wild animals and birds."

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