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Fort Seward, Inc.

1100 5th Street Northwest

Fort Seward, Inc. is a non-profit group that is managed by a board of directors. Our goal is to create a reenactment of a pioneer covered wagon train, that is family friendly. We plan this event as an educational family vacation.

The wagon train consists mainly of canvas-topped, flare boxed, wooden wheeled wagons, just like those seen jostling about in western movies. The flare box wagon was the wagon of choice, for those pioneer farmers that came into the Dakotas, as they could latter be used to haul the harvest from the prairie. An experienced "teamster" is assigned to drive each wagon. Wagons are powered by teams of draft horses and sometimes mules. Most common draft horses used during the wagons are the breeds of Belgiums and Percherans. The wagon train is equipped with a "chuck wagon" which, needless to say, becomes the center of attention.

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